For Seller

For Seller Limited Time Listing Special

For A Limited Time Only!

You can list your home with us for Just 3.00% selling commission based on the price your property sells. You will save thousands of dollars when you list with us. You will also take advantage of a full-service Real Estate, without having to pay a 6.00% selling commission. Let us guide you through the complexities of selling your home, eliminating hassles and unnecessary stress. We look forward to working with you.

What is included?

By listing with us, we take charge of marketing, showings, scheduling open houses, Broker previews, negotiations between parties, and more.

Full MLS (Multiple Listing Services):

Multiple Listing Services, the data base used by Licensed Real Estate Agents that advertise all current homes for sale), by having your property listed in the MLS it will feed many national Real Estate websites, this exposure is extraordinary: it will give the majority of Real Estate Agents the ability to reach your listing through the MLS services and will result in millions of potential buyers through the internet. The MLS service will give you the ability to load multiple pictures of your property to display the most sellable and attractive points of your home, and we will take care of it for you.

What is your property worth?

Current Market Analysis (CMA), of your home by a Licensed Real Estate Professional that will market your home; this helps you, the seller, to determine a fair asking price, or the most accurate value for your home. This will ensure that you receive top dollar for your home at the time of selling. Your property will be displayed on various websites such as and other great sources that will give more exposure to your home.

Broker Previews:

Real estate professionals will hold an open house to all of the local realtors in the area. The realtors come and preview your home and take notes to see if it meets any qualifications their buyers are searching for. This also gives your property exposure to greater possibilities in the process of selling your home.

Open house:

Your home is the highlight of the day. At the Open House, prospective buyers will have the opportunity to walk through your home in order to see the potential future your home has. We will give you recommendations according to your needs in order to dress your home for sell. We will recommend necessary home staging opportunities in order to bring the most value to your home. All these steps help to sell your home faster.

Yard sign:

Yard signs will be provided and displayed at your property to give interested prospects that are driving through your neighborhood the ability to call the number displayed and get information on your property and make an appointment for viewing.


We will negotiate on your behalf for what is in your best interest. We will explain the purchase contract and every legal form that is part of a Real Estate transaction. We will include a seller’s net sheet of cost that will give you an approximate amount to be expected at the closing of escrow in order to help you plan ahead prior selling your home.

Let us show you the best possible way to achieve your objectives